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Marathon Open Houses

Hanging out on First Avenue on the Upper East Side this Sunday? Looking for something to do after the lead runners go whizzing past before your first-time marathon friends have even crossed into Manhattan? Curbed offers a quartet of intriguing open houses to pass the time:

1) 300 East 74th Street, Apt 33/32A [William B. May]
$2.3 million, Sunday 12-2pm
The ever-popular 2-bedroom/4-bathroom layout (hmmm). "Meticulous renovation by Daniel Liebeskind's own Architect" (above). Wonder who pays the genius fee?

2) 360 East 88th Street, Apt 26B [Douglas Elliman]
$3.195 million, Sunday 11:30am-1pm
4-bedroom/3-bath condo clad in a beige modernist palette.

On your way over to the Park...

3) 1080 Madison Ave, Apt 15B [Corcoran]
$1.495 million, Sunday 2-5pm
2-bedroom/2-bath sunny, bright condo.

And while you're waiting for your friends to stop dry-heaving at the finish line...

4) 50 Central Park West, Apt 4C [Sothebys]
$3.499 million, Sunday 1:30-3pm
A serious 3-bedroom/3-bath. Also worth considering if the line for the Starbucks facilities is a little long?