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Jane Walentas Keeps It Real in Dumbo

The NYT City Section remarks on the arrival of Starbucks in Dumbo, noting that most residents appear to be staying true to the Dumbo General Store:

In walked Jane Walentas, whose husband, David, a real estate pioneer, is the neighborhood's chief developer. Yet Ms. Walentas was quick to point out that the new coffee shop down the street had certainly not been installed by her husband.

"If David Walentas had put a Starbucks in this neighborhood, he would've been strung up by the light bulbs," Ms. Walentas said over a bowl of soup.

Strung up by the light bulbs, eh? That's still one edgy neighborhood!
· Starbucks Has Moved in, But It's Being Iced, Not Blended [NYTimes]