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12 Tips To Sell Faster

NYC residential and commercial real estate broker DwellingQuest, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary under new ownership, sends along "12 tips for a fast and profitable sale." You'd think this stuff would be common sense, but judging by listings we've explored recently, tip #6 ("no mildew") and #8 ("eliminate odors") can't be repeated often enough. Full list after the jump.

DwellingQuest's 12 tips for a fast and profitable sale

· Clean all home areas thoroughly for optimal cleanliness including washing all windows.
· Remove and repair signs of water damage, mildew and other deterioration. Repair ceilings.
· Repaint with a double coat of flat white on walls and eggshell white on ceilings.
· Repair existing wallpaper and restore floor surfaces.
· Clean floor tile grout with a mild muriatic acid solution and re-grout if needed.
· Restore or repair bathroom fixtures. Add new shower curtains, rods and hooks. No mildew.
· Repair kitchen cabinets, making sure doors and drawers work properly.
· Increase existing lighting. Dust, clean or replace old fixtures and bulbs.
· Eliminate odors. Remove pet when showing the apartment and be sure to remove litter box and garbage. Conceal odors by baking cake or setting out flowers.
· Expand bathroom, closet and hallway size by installing mirrors and thinning out clothes and furniture.
· Undo clutter, make beds, open blinds.
· Shampoo carpets.

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