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Scammed Apartments Hit The Auction Block

There are great Manhattan real estate stories, and then there's the Uzan Family. Seems this Turkish clan scammed Motorola out of, oh, $1.8 billion, then used the money to buy up luxury apartments in New York City. The scam since having unraveled, seven Uzan properties at Trump World Tower and 100 UN Plaza go on the Sherrif's auction block this Wednesday.

Reports Michael Daly, "Five are furnished and the decorating taste suggests a crook is a crook. An animal skin can be seen splayed on the bedroom wall at Apt. 23B at UN Plaza. Various toiletries still stand by the bathroom sink, as if the Uzans assumed they would return." Steptoe & Johnson is offering 360-degree virtual tours of all seven apartments on its website, where we snagged the above TV-and-lounger shot.
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