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Roommate Wanted, Liberals Need Not Apply

Noting the Craigslist post seeking a non-Republican roommate, blogger Standard Deviance offers the goods on an even more over-the-top Craigslist post from a few months back from the other side of the political spectrum:

My roommate (Eleanor) and I (Heather) are looking for a 3rd person to share our 3-bd, 2-ba apartment? Both of us are politically conservative, and we?re looking for a roommate who shares the same values (though not necessarily someone who agrees on every single issue).

About us: Eleanor is 25, Presbyterian, and a transportation management consultant. Heather is 24, Methodist, and an investment banker. Both of us are originally from Charlottesville, VA. We are both hard-line Republicans (pro-life, anti-taxes, pro-family, small government, etc.), but we?re not necessarily looking for someone who agrees with us on every issue. Someone who believes in individual responsibility would be a good match. Obviously, a radical feminist or lesbian would not be?

Follow the link to read the survey they asked prospective roommates to fill out. Sample question: "What should our government do with lesbians who want to marry each other?" Would you believe they live near Wall Street?
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