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Save Miami on the Hudson!

Residents of the far West Village are concerned that real estate development might threaten Miami on the Hudson ? you know, that area of modernist buildings along and about Greenwich Street. Reports Daily News columnist Lore Croghan,

They fear for the fate of the Superior Printing Ink building at 70 Bethune St., now in the hands of Stephen Ross' Related Cos., which built Time Warner Center. Lehman Brothers' purchase of 303 W. 10th St. also worries them - and so does Diane von Furstenberg's sale of 383 and 387 W. 12th St. to Russian heiress Anna Anismova. Also changing hands is nearby 393 W. 12th St.
Naturally, the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation is on the case. We wish them well, as we would anyone going up against the forces of Stephen Ross, Lehman Brothers, and Ms. Anismova, the Holy Trinity of real estate insanity.
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