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Readers Report: Curbed Regrets Getting Up Today

1) "On the Leitersdorf vtour item you just put up, the Corcoran tour is taken directly from, which has had the very same virtual tour for years, as Sky (right) is rented out for special events at $15-$25K/night."
2) "you do steer some good stuff in our direction, but occasionally one wonders if curbed must be trading sexual favors -- or *something* -- with persons soliciting linkage for their harebrained schemes. to wit: what do you want to bet the treehugger dots his/her i's with little hearts and punctuates her/his email with darling little emoticons? we have no objection to trading sexual favors, except that in the case of treehugger, we are a little worried about the age of consent thing. did you ask for i.d.?"

[after the jump: Curbed readers on Tribeca's rogue whistler, Connecticut Muffin in Billyburg, and the citywide building appraisal scandal.]

3) "I live on Reade between Greenwich and Hudson. I have been woken up so many times by the mysterious whistler. After the 10th rendition of America the Beautiful, we figured it had to be a neighbors alarm clock. My husband heard 'O Holy Night' this morning at 6:45am while walking down Reade St. on his way to work. Please save the neighborhood and help us catch The Whistler."
4) "Just wanted to post a correction to the comment that Williamsburg has a Connecticut Muffin. Not true