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Mysterious Whistling Plagues Tribeca

While uptown struggles with the Pale Male saga, Tribeca has its own worries. A Curbed reader emails:

I'm hoping your readers can help me solve a small, but annoying neighborhood mystery. I live at the intersection of Duane and Greenwich in Tribeca and for the past 6 months or so have been occasionally awoken at an ungodly hour by what can only be described as very loud, pitch-perfect whistling. In fact, the tone seems much too loud and perfect to be produced by a human.

In the past, the tunes were of the patriotic variety--"America the Beautiful", "Star Spangled Banner", etc. Today, however, religious Christmas carols. I've whipped open my windows in hopes of catching a glimpse of he who subjects me to his value system at 6 a.m., but there's no one. Help me find the source of the mysterious whistling in Tribeca!

First those strange anti-iPod stickers, now strange whistling. Just what is going on in Tribeca these days? Those in the know, let us know: