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Co-Op Board Ordered Nest Removal at 927 Fifth Avenue

Saturday sees the return of Pale Male and friends to the top of A1 of the New York Times?and a hint of hope for the newly homeless hawks. The NYT article lays blame for the nest-removal debacle at the foot of 927 Fifth Avenue's co-op board, which didn't bring the issue of nest removal to a full shareholder vote:

The nest, board members said, had to go. There would be no vote among shareholders. Several people familiar with the discussions said it was [Richard] Cohen who had headed the effort, even though his wife [Paula Zahn] had once proclaimed her affection for the birds on television. The building's management company, Brown Harris Stevens Property Management, had warned of a public backlash. "We told Richard it would be extremely controversial," said Noreen McKenna, a Brown Harris Stevens agent who serves as secretary to the board.

Among the 10 or so people present at the October co-op board meeting were several from the 927 Fifth Avenue residents roster posted in this space on Thursday: Robert A. Belfer, who, we learn is a former director of Enron, plus Dr. Robert Schwager and Mary Tyler Moore's husband, Dr. Robert Levine, who objected at the meeting on his wife's behalf. A hint of hope: the Daily News reports that building residents, feeling the heat from protesters, are considering a compromise, a rooftop tower for Palemale, Lola, and cohorts.
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