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Meet Alan Corey, Brooklyn Investment Guru, Famewhore

We don't know Alan Corey (above) from Jesus, but hey, he told the Post that everyone should read Curbed. So, we decided to do a little research on a man the Post says made $1 million in the last three years investing in Brooklyn real estate. Biographical excerpts from the personal website of our new benefactor:

During his junior year... Alan also appeared on The Jerry Springer Show as a "heartbroken lover."... You might recognize Mr. Corey from his several reality show appearances, including Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and The Restaurant... Corey can also been seen acting monthly with his improvisation troupe Dark Champions or teaching Real Estate and Money Management classes to the under 30 crowd in NYC. Alan just completed his one-man show Creepy Little Famewhore at Manhattan's The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and is currently at work writing a humorous and educational book on real estate investing.Mr. Corey, Curbed here. You're officially our new favorite NYC real estate personality. Let's do lunch.
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