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Cubic Square Footage Update: Breaking Big!

The NYT real estate section digs into a topic that we told you two months ago would soon be all the rage: cubic square footage! Apparently, the Sunshine Group has decided to market the Windsor Park condo conversions at the former Helmsley Windsor Hotel (West 58th Street @ Sixth Avenue) with this exciting, powerful, incoherent new metric.

William Neuman reports on the building's Charles Gwathmey-designed penthouse, "The mundane fact of the apartment's 3,414-square-foot floor plan did nothing to convey all that headroom. But 62,500 cubic feet ? now that's living space. The penthouse ? Ms. Sunshine prefers to call it a rooftop home ? has been repriced accordingly. Originally listed at $9 million, it is now listed at $16.25 million, or a mere $260 a cubic foot." (We'd make a joke here, but reality appears to have trumped us again.)
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