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Lower East Side Development Smackdown

Lower East Side resident Felix Salmon lashes out in sheer rage at the Garfield Building at 142 Henry Street, last Thursday's Curbed development of the day. He writes,

The Garfield Building, in its latest incarnation, is a paragon of obnoxiousness, the epitome of everything that is soulless and evil about yuppification gentrification. Rather than take any cues from the rich architectural heritage of the Lower East Side, the apartments in the building are bland modernist spaces with no original features at all... If I'm spending $1.675 million on a Lower East Side apartment, (and that's before all manner of closing fees and transfer and mansion taxes), I think I'm going to want a lot more space than this. Hell, for $2.5 million I can get a 4-story townhouse on Broome Street, complete with private garden and at almost 3,000 square feet of usable space.We love it when the Brits get cranky.
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