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Buying In At 927 Fifth Avenue

As the saga of Pale Male rolls on, now's your chance to get in on the fun at 927 Fifth Avenue! Offered for your consideration by Alice F. Mason Real Estate is an 5,740 sqft apartment on the eighth floor of the building. (No, it's not a fire sale by Paula and Richard?they live on the second floor.) But the space does have its touches. Notes a Curbed reader, "Notice the generous 120 square foot maid's room right next to the mechanical room. That's obscene." (Or practical! Just depends on your needs!) Crash the co-op board yourself for $18.5 million.
· Listing: 927 Fifth Avenue [Alice F. Mason Real Estate]
· Hawk protest photos: Mascots (also: signs) [WhatISee]
· Hawk Fans Sink Talons in Co-Op [NYPost]

UPDATE: A Curbed reader emails, "According to yesterday's Times, that's Mary Tyler Moore's apartment for sale."