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Ratner's Closing After 100 Years of Kosher Goodness

It's the end of an era tonight on the Lower East Side. Reports,

The LES's century-old, famous-but-long-declining, meatless kosher restaurant Ratner's [attached to the Lansky Lounge, named for your friend and mine, Meyer Lansky] is shutting up and being knocked down. Tonight is the final pre-demolition closing event, with blintzes and latkes and being sold "at 1905 prices" to benefit the Lower East Side Conservancy and live music by Matt Darriau's Blintz Band. Free admission.Ratner's may be going, but at least the B&T crowd will be permitted to rage on at Lansky Lounge. Sweet justice.
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· Last Night At Ratner's *FREE PARTY* [Craigslist] UPDATE: Yeah, Ratner's closed as a kosher restaurant back in 2000. Tonight's party is to celebrate the building's impending demolition.