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927 Fifth Avenue Update: Links-a-Plenty

1) Blogger JoMiller offers voluminous, ongoing coverage of the goins-on at everyone's favorite Upper East Side co-op []
2) News wrap on recent developments, including the possibility that the hawks will be allowed back [Gothamist]
3) A massive clot of letters to Henry Stern's NYCivic about the controversy []
4) Manhattan User Guide's to Paula and Richard: "Untenable arrogance has a way of meeting comeuppance in this city." [MUG]
5) Random rumor department: A Curbed reader emails, "I hear that Richard Cohen is selling his apartment at 927. If so, it's a private sale (it's not in MLS, I work at a brokerage). I've not done any further digging but was wondering if you'd heard anything about this? The only apartment I know to be on the market is MTM's (since the board rejected her buyer)."