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Eau du Bowery

Behold something life-altering: a new perfume line called Bond No. 9 offers scents based on NYC neighborhoods—like Riverside Drive, Eau De Noho and Nouveau Bowery. What exactly does Nouveau Bowery smell like, you ask?

THEY SAY: "Like its namesake avenue, rich in depth and dichotomy, this is a distinctive and dissonant blend of lime, basil and thyme with violet and oakmoss for that certain low-key man or woman. For those with an anti-establishment streak who are determined to go against the grain—a true anti-fragrance!"

YOU SAY: "I sensed top notes of old people and rotten fruit," a Curbed reader writes.A bottle of Bowery can be yours for $168. As near as we can tell, this is for real, if not "for real."
· Bond No. 9 NYC Fragrances [A Beautiful Life]
· photo credit: Hamish Robertson/Verbose Coma

UPDATE: A Curbed reader emails, "The neighborhood perfumes have been in stores for a while and appeared in New York magazine's shopping guide last October. Here's a list of stores where they're available."