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Cobble Hill: Just How Over Is It?

The Observer catches up with Jeff Roda, the creator of Cobble Hill, the prospective CBS sitcom mentioned here a few months back. Will the sitcom certify the death of the neighborhood?or does the mere existence of a sitcom pilot called Cobble Hill stick the fork in already? At the risk of going übermeta on your ass, let's turn to Mr. Roda:

"I was having dinner with a friend at this restaurant on Court Street, and a couple walked in," Mr. Roda continued, as if pitching a scene from his pilot. "Very sorta neat, very neat?not even J-Crew, more like Burberry. My friend was looking at them and said, 'This neighborhood is dying.' But my friend is like this power attorney. It was kind of funny. We like to fancy ourselves as having something a little extra; the Burberry couple are probably saying the same thing about the next person that comes in."
Thanks?certainly clarifies that.
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