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Apartment Hunting with Trust Fund

Debutante blogger Prada Princess is chronicling her hunt for a seven-figure apartment with help from an oversize trust fund:

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Once again Dad proceeded to rip into me at dinner tonight.

His deal was that I do not need to spend this much money for an apartment. I did not need 3 bedroom suites and what the hell do I need servants quarters for?

I kept telling him it my trustfund could cover the whole cost. Then he went ape**** screaming that money is not to be wasted and that I was on my way to ruin and that this was all Grandma's fault. Mom sat calmly, thinning her lips waited for Dad to stop screaming then told him to go into the other room and watch one of his dvds.

Don't miss previous episodes when Prada Princess tours open houses on the Upper West Side ("My only problem is that its a condo. Mom always pressed into me that coops are a pain but it prevents the B&T from getting in") and learns what a mortgage is by looking it up on the Internet ("I guess the best comparison is that a morgage is the credit card bill after you buy something and you have to pay that bill off").

So, is she for real? For the sake of some lucky real estate agent, we sure hope so.
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