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Weekdays at Bernie's

From one nest to another, let's review the real estate wheelings and dealings of Bernie Kerik. The man's moves form a how-to course in how to game the system. Can Kerik teaching a real estate seminar at the Learning Annex be far behind?

1) In 1999, flat broke, Kerik converts two apartments into one spacious flat at a Riverdale apartment building at West 239th Street. "Three sources who were in the apartment after the work was done said the conversion was opulent, with extensive marble and granite and a large rotunda entryway." [NYDailyNews]
2) Two years later, secures apartment facing Ground Zero for, uh, personal use following 9/11. "One man who requested anonymity said that he boarded an elevator six months ago with him. 'I said to myself, 'Hey, that's Bernie Kerik,'' the man recalled. 'It was surprising.'" [NYTimes]
3) Superlative description for Kerik's Battery Park City digs: "swinging bachelor pad." [NYPost]