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(Re)-Pricing Pale Male's Perch

Pale Male is getting his perch back at 927 Fifth Avenue?the co-op has agreed to add spikes to the 12th floor ledge that will serve as an anchor for a new nest. (A protective bar will prevent debris from falling to the sidewalk below.) All of which begs the question we raised yesterday?what price for this legendary perch? A Curbed reader digs into the square footage question, determining that Mary Tyler Moore's apartment for sale on the eighth floor is smaller than it seems, raising the price for the nest by about $30k. Bask in some terrific deductive reasoning?including Pale Male's estimated share of the common charges?after the jump.

re: pale male's $206k perch . . . some of us are sufficiently obsessive to actually take the dimensions of dr. & mrs. schwager's tainted digs from the floor plan on alice mason's site, and use them to compute the square footage, as follows

(width of living room + foyer + length of corridor + vestibule + length of master bed/dressing room) x (width of master bed + bath + dressing room) + [(length of living room + width of dining room) - (width of master bed + bath + dressing room)] x width of dining room = net area

no matter how generously we estimated, the apartment still came in shy of 5000 sq. ft. (including elevators, building stairs, interior walls, et al.) and a cheeky $3,700 per flat foot.

(assuming the 12-foot ceilings de rigeur for the breed, we reckon a capacious 60,000 cubic feet at a modest $308.33, seemingly a good value in light of the $260 price tag on 7 1/2 gallons of the latest Gwathmey concoction.)

then we scrolled down the floorplan and found where someone had authoritatively marked "5740 sq. ft." in architectonic characters. the whereabouts of this extra area -- adequate for two studio apartments -- remains a mystery, although ms. mason does hint of a 13th floor storage room.

meanwhile, our numbers peg the male family compound closer to $236,800M -- a drop dead steal compared to that maids room someone was carping about.

to anyone familiar with the genre, that is a *double* maids. you can tell because it was *two* windows. moreover, alice tells us there are "9 rooms (from 13)" which generally is code for "we knocked some maids rooms together." continuing in the contemporary estate agents' idiom, that is no maids room, but rather: "a blissfully private staff wing with cheery southern exposure enjoys not only fabulous light from multiple windows overlooking an exclusive courtyard but also revels in perfect year around comfort from the adjacent four-season climate control system. the charmingly personal scale of the bedchamber is enhanced by the utterly nonpareil, full three-fixture bath cunningly configured en suite."

including the gracious gallery access (a.k.a. "the hallway"), we estimate the staff wing to encompass a munificent 200 square feet, and that the schwagers' domestic is ensconced in just shy of three quarters of a million dollars' worth of new york city's most eminent real estate. nor let us forget a $5000 annual portion of the flat's maintenance charges.

we forget. now what was it that curbizen thought obscene about the maids room?

incidentally, we figure pale male family's share of the common charges at around $1,600 per annum, although how much of that might be tax deductible is unknown. furthermore, based on their 64 square feet, 12.5 shares clearly does not swing much heft with the coop board.

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