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Nolita Subsumes Little Italy, Eyes Chinatown

Like FedEx before it, Nolita appears to be on the verge of moving beyond its long-form name to a permanently shorter moniker. That's because the area it's "North" of, the so-called "Little Italy" our grandfathers used to tell us about, has been finally and definitively trumped by the little boutiqueland that could. Reports The Real Deal,

"You can still find a fairly good deal because it?s becoming Soho, but it's not quite there yet," said Kristin McLaughlin, a broker with City Pad Real Estate. "Little Italy doesn't seem to really exist anymore. It's more and more Nolita-slash-Chinatown."We'll always have The Godfather.
· Hip Nolita eclipses Little Italy [The Real Deal]