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Curbed Readers Report: Muscular & Voluminous Edition

1) Regarding news of Mike Piazza buying in Tribeca (view, right), a Curbed reader emails, "Let it be said that the brokers at elliman know how to charm the sports star, because surely it was the description of the 161 hudson penthouse as 'Muscular & voluminous!!' that sold Piazza, nobody was to confuse his residency in a Tribeca loft as feminine, or lacking in girth."

2) A Brooklyn reader writes, "Enjoyed the link to the Frankie's 457 blog. There's a lot going on in that neighborhood right now. Joise's Java has a sign announcing Thai restaurant. Across the street, longtime abandoned Dave's Hardware will soon be a day spa and a Japanese Restaurant. Vinnie is no longer at Vinnie's Pizza, but the new guy is keeping the name, and kicking Pizza ass. And The Mini Bar across the street from Frankie's is doing huge business with all the walk-in trade from people with a half hour wait for a table. Is Court Street the new Smith Street? May I suggest a name for this little part of Carrol Gardens?LoCo, as in Lower Court."

3) Regarding the new World Trade Center Memorial park sketch: "Those pictures seem to resemble a park already in existence. Does anyone else seem to agreed the memorial park looks much like the rarely used Battery Park?"

4) Andrew Krucoff IM's about NASCAR's designs on Staten Island, "Fuck that borough prejudice bullshit. This is great news and one more reason to MOVE to Staten Island. My only questions now are which mafia family owned that land and how many bodies are they going to dig up building that thing?" (Related: auto weblog Jalopnik notes, "Proposed course names include the "Fuckin-A 500," the "How About I Crack Your Friggin' Skull 400," and the "Trump 500 at Donald Trump International Raceway.")