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West Side Stadium Hearings: Weeping, Wailing, And More!

A Curbed reader emails, "I wasn't at the West Side Stadium hearing last night, but Andrea Berstein's piece on WNYC made it sound insane! Charles Gargano walked out or something. I guess it was the only hearing on the stadium before the various authorities vote." Indeed. Reports Newsday,

Charles Gargano, chairman of the Empire State Development Corp., which approved a general project plan for the stadium in November, could barely finish his speech yesterday, as opponents to the stadium shouted over him, and supporters of the stadium tried to shout over them. Gargano shook his head and sighed after asking audience members to please let him finish.
Adds the Daily News, "Speakers on both sides were repeatedly interrupted, and Gargano left after 38 minutes." Anyone present last night care to add color commentary?
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