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David and Shavonne's Home Depot Reunion Tour

This is too good. The Box Tank, a blog devoted to (yes!) big-box stores, reports that the new Home Depot on East 59th Street is employing two actors, David and Shavonne, to renovate a 1,400 square foot virtual apartment inside the store?while you watch! Their schedule for today:

Friday, December 17
9am - 1pm: Install tile backsplash
2pm - 6pm: Apply first coat Venetian plaster on west wall
7pm - 9pm: Install terrace lighting fixtures and grout tile backsplash. Sponge tile backsplash

(lunch and dinner breaks not listed above)Notes The Box Tank, "No word on whether they are allowed to rope unwilling friends into helping them, or if an alcohol soaked afternoon digressing into a fight are possibilities..."
· 2nd Manhattan Home Depot Opens... [The Box Tank]