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Dennis Mangone, Corcoran's Bad-Boy Broker

In last week's Observer (the same issue that carried word of Curbed technical guru Eliot Shepard's upcoming nuptials), there was an awesome Letter to the Editor we would have posted sooner -- if we didn't have to type it in by hand. In the letter, Corcoran CEO Pam Liebman responds to Gabriel Sherman's story about brokers as the new boldface names, calling Corcoran broker Dennis Mangone on the carpet:

To The Editor... First, the version of the billboard reproduced in Mr. Sherman's piece was not approved by the Corcoran Group or the sponsor. The billboard was never intended for public display, and furthermore, Dennis Mangone was not authorized to release any information or images related to 505 Greenwich Street...

Second, Mr. Magone states in the article that he "wanted to be associated with [505 Greenwich Street] where I had sold 10 percent of the building." That assertion was false. Mr. Mangone had no authority to make such a claim about the condo at 505 Greenwich, nor does he have access to the information about the building's size that would enable him to gauge its veracity, as he is not an authorized representative of the building for Corcoran or its Sponsor.

Pamela Liebman
President and C.E.O.
Corcoran Group

Rawr! What will bad-boy Dennis do for an encore? Stay tuned!
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