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Days Inn Midtown: $692.96... and Rising!

Six hundred bucks a night for a fancy boutique hotel we can understand. Actually, wait. We can't. But that's beside the point. USA Today's hotel columnist finds sticker shock even at the low-end of the Manhattan hotel pyramid:

Just for fun I went to the Days Inn Web site and checked rates in Manhattan for this weekend, Dec. 3-5. When $692.96 came up for the Days Inn in Midtown, I picked my jaw up off my desk and called the 800 number to confirm that wasn't a typo. Nope, the operator told me, it just happens to be one of the last rooms available. And, she said, people will actually pay that price. I dig the Rockettes and Macy's at Herald Square, but that's just a bit too pricey.

By the way, the two-day rate is now $989.91. (Shown above: the spacious lobby.)
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