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David vs. Goliath In Brooklyn

On January 1, Brooklyn steps from the 19th century into the, uh, 20th century with the introduction of co-brokered real estate listings. How will the changes impact the fiercely independent local real estate brokers? Reports the NYT's William Neuman,

For [Aguayo & Huebener Realty Group's Peggy] Aguayo, one of the biggest advantages for small firms like hers is their place in the Brooklyn community. She would not mention rivals by name, but she said large firms may not understand Brooklyn. "Brooklyn isn't such a pushover," she said. "Firms that want to muscle their way are going to fall on their faces. I don't mind competition. I just don't think there is enough space for them here." She added: "Sometimes I feel like David and Goliath. But David won, didn't he?"
Hmmm. We'll have to check our notes on that.
· The Battle for Brooklyn [NYTimes]