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Curbed Update: Long Winter's Nap

A note on Curbed's publishing schedule for the remainder of 2004. This week, Curbed moves into vacation slowdown mode; posts will be light and/or sporadic. Next week, Curbed goes dark until December 30-31 when we return to hand out our first annual year-end awards. Please do join us.

Two recent bits of Curbed press: on Friday, we chatted about Rupert Murdoch's $44 million apartment with Robert Smith on NPR's "All Things Considered." And a few weeks back, Inman News' Glenn Roberts Jr. wrote a nice profile of the site and our secret plans for world domination. More about all that, natch, in the new year.
· Murdoch Offers Record Amount for Triplex []
· dives into heart and soul of neighborhoods [Inman]