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What To Do When Kid at Nearby Table Pukes

A Curbed reader emails, "I know you're on a light posting sked, but I thought this Chowhound thread about what to do when the kid at the table next to you starts vomiting at a restaurant, and what the parents/proprietors should do to compensate you, might make for good holiday fare." Indeed. Surprisingly little sympathy for the afflicted diners. Says one poster,

To answer your question, while I think it was definitely unappetizing and certainly startling to witness a puke scene in a restaurant, why you should get something free from it, makes little sense to me. It's not like the kid came and threw up on your table and your food.
Excellent point. And, after all, they were in Red Hook.
· Etiquette Question -- Pit Stop in Red Hook [Chowhound]