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Trump Tenant Bitchfest!

The holiday cheer runneth over at Trump Parc Ave (@ 59th Street). Fifteen rent-stabilized tenants (holdovers from the property's days at the Delmonico Hotel) speak to Lloyd Grove of dust, noise, and intimidation tactics from The Donald et Fils:

Tenant Evelyne Zylberberg, whose 750-square-foot, one bedroom unit, were it available for sale, might be offered for $1.5 million, had a different take. "I think they are harassing us," said Zylberberg, who has lived for 29 years in the building where her sister Regine operated the trendy nightclub Regine's on the ground floor. "I don't know their motive. Maybe they are trying to get us to leave."
Hmmm. You think? Fa la la la la!
· Trump Tenants: Fired Up! [Lowdown]