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Where to Place Brooklyn Bets in '05

As Brooklyn real estate blog Brownstoner begins its year-end slumber, commenters debate which local neighborhoods to short (or go long on) in 2005. A sampler from an excellent thread:
1) "I would short Bed-Stuy and go long Park Slope. I think the spectacular run-up in Bed-Stuy prices is at risk of retreating."
2) "Brookly Heights is probably the borough's most stable and desirable neighborhood. It will keep appreciating, but more slowly than the more risky nabes. But it also will weather the downturns much better."
3) "My top 3 highest returners for 2005: Bushwick, BedStuy, Crown Heights."
4) "long: DUMBO, ft greene, clinton hill"
5) "Short: Williamsburg - Bad infrastructure - Post industrial pollution. Long (with extreme bias) Prospect/Crown Heights - Good transportation - major development."
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