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Buying into the Lap of Luxury

Motoko Rich reports on the surge in interest in $5-milion plus apartments in today's NYT. A Curbed reader, sensing our ür-comatose state, writes in with analysis that we're far too blissed out to provide:

That's Versace's townhouse for sale on E64th st for $30m, but they don't mention that fact. I mean, there's a funky brass Medusa on the door, for heaven's sake. And Schnabel broken plate portraits of Gianni inside, RIP.

Also, there WERE three townhouses on that block that have been for sale for $35-40m and HAVEN'T sold: Tommy Mottola's triplex (it's a condo, hello disguised as a townhouse), Bronfman's totally redone one, and Wildenstein's gallery/house/Kitty Kondo where Jocelyn used to live.  No word on the Observer's old bldg on the mad/pk block, but there's a triplexed out 18' th next door to it that's been for sale for like 3 years, at least.

Mmmm, eggnog. Gotta try this "vacation" thing more often.
· No Price Too High for a Lap of Luxury [NYTimes]