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Pain Perdu 6: Random Question Time!

1) "Does anyone know when the lights on top of the Time Warner Center will be turned on permanently? The original renderings of the building showed an illuminated crown, and the lights were turned on briefly one evening a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't seen them on since."
2) "About the 138-144 Reade Street development... Any news on what they're doing? They have now built a 1 family occupant 'brownstone' made of all glass (glad I don't have to clean those windows) and are in the processing of demolishing 2 adjoining buildings. I swear this was a landmark block. Funny how that group will turn their eyes for special projects...."
3) "I am wondering if you can shed some light on the gossip about Domino's sugar building being demolished and in its placed a gigantic monster being build instead...If so how can this be possibly done to such a historic landmark? And also is it true the Noodle factory (338 Berry) is for sale? How can I find out?" (Previous intel.)
4) "On the corner of 7th ave and 2nd st in Park Slope is a massive, seemingly empty, building covered with grafitti and filled to the brim with junk. How, in a neighbordhood like Park Slope, is a place like this able to sit empty. The folks at the 2nd Street Cafe across the street give the standard story about a 'crazy lady' who refuses to sell. But I think there's something more to it. People must be pissing themselves about their inability to buy and renovate this massive piece of real estate."
5) "I'm sure that you're well aware of all the construction going on in the huge, fallow space that hosted Torch on Ludlow Street in the Long Long Ago. What's happening over there, for chrissakes? It's like they've been working on it forever, and to no avail." (FWIW, we hear two-level Irish pub opening soon.)

Those with info or innuendo, do your thing: