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Pain Perdu 2: Fluorescent Fun!

A Curbed reader emails from just south of Union Square:

You've reported on the new $1.5 million condos being developed on University between 13th and 14th. You know...the one whose front door is right next to the Odd Job loading dock. Anyway, I've noticed that the apartment design seems to include extensive
fluorescent uplighting. Every floor looks like the photo I've attached when it's illuminated, and no, it's not some kind of sky lobby. It's the living room! What were they thinking? Can the developer explain?

A representative for the developer, Elliman's Rob Gross, replies, "The lights he is talking about are not flourescent. I think they create a nice lighting effect in the room. You need to see it to understand."
· The Claremont at Union Square [Douglas Elliman]