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Pain Perdu 1: Williamsburg Restaurant Update

A Curbed reader emails a report from Williamsburg:

The area of Grand St. between Roebling and Marcy is becoming the new Bedford Ave. (which used to be the new.....?) in Williamsburg. It seems that people who are being priced out of the main drag by Tasti-De-lite and Connecticut Muffin are finding more reasonable real estate further East. New establishments seem to be popping up every week and some have even joined the pioneer Dumont on the other side (gasp!) of the BQE (Barcade). Keeping with this trend, rumor has it that the folks that brought us the trailblazing uber-hipster dining spots, Diner and Bonita, have entered into negotiations to set up shop in what was once a Dominican domino parlor/bar/restaurant/numbers house(?) on the corner of Hope and Marcy across the street from a VERY busy BQE on-ramp. It'll be fun watching drunk hipsters trying to negotiate this busy street while I watch from my friend's window above the bar. I guess the Lorimer stop is the new Bedford stop......can't wait for the muffin shop in Bushwick...