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Billyburg Cheap Apt. Mystery Solved!

About that way-cheap, $1500/mo 2BR apartment in Williamsburg, a Curbed reader emails: "if you click on the link from craigslist it says that apartment is on randall's island under the triboro bridge. i didn't know williamsburg, a tumor in its own right, had spread so far, but i thought you'd like to know."

UPDATE: Full-fledged scandal alert!! A Curbed reader emails, "Actually, the ad locates the cheap Williamsburg apartment at 'Lorimer St. and Grand Ave.,' presumably meaning Lorimer St. and Grand St., which is, I assume, in Williamsburg, on the far side of the BQE from the bridge. The link to the Yahoo! Map is unfortunately slightly incorrect, which points the map to Randalls Island for some reason."