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Bed Stuy Continues Glorious Rise

Perhaps aggrieved with the attention being given other Brooklyn hoods today, a Curbed correspondent emails a Bed-Stuy update:

There have been a few recent developments that might foretell of bigger changes in Bed Stuy. Two new cafes have opened up. The first, Solomon's Porch, is on Stuyvesant Avenue and is unbelievably swank given the nabe. The other is Bread Stuy which took over the former and only neighborhood cafe called Mirrors on Lewis Avenue. They expanded into the barber shop next door. In addition, three boutiques have set up shop: Afroart Designs (see story in Daily News), Ibo Landing and Miso. House prices aren't the only thing looking up in Bed Stuy these days.
Gotta give Bed Stuy early frontrunner status for Gentrifying Neighborhood of the Year in Curbed's year-end awards, coming to this space Dec. 30-31.