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Red Hook Blowback

Two Curbed readers react to this morning's troubling Red Hook report:
1) "To say Red Hook is 'all propoganda' is crazy! Not having DSL has obviously not affected Williamsburg much in terms of development. And it's not just 360 down there. Check out Alan Harding's (host of Cookin' in Brooklyn on Discovery Home, owner of Schnack [and associated blog], and others) new beer garden Pioneer (Van Brunt St/Pioneer) and also the brand new bar next to that, Red Hook Fish and Tackle. Both are popular. Please promise me to remind your "special correspondent" in 3-5 years about his/her comment, he/she will be eating those words GUARANTEED!"

2) "It's worth noting that a lot of neighborhoods thought of as fast-lane are actually stuck in the slow lane. I live in North Williamsburg and there are still no delis or bodegas west of Bedford Avenue, no real Indian joints (save the crappy one on North 5th right off Bedford) and no good pizza (save the mediocre brick oven place that opened on Bedford recently). In the past year, we've gotten Tasti Delite, Connecticut Muffin (!!!) and yet another bagel shop. With fast lanes nabes like these.... I guess the question is: does all the fast-lane hype lead to landlords holding onto buildings until they can get that ridiculous payday for a condo developer? Would be great to hear from a real estate agent or a knowledgeable landlord about this."