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Red Hook in the Slow Lane

A special Curbed correspondent emails a weekend report from Red Hook: "Empty streets (including one called Visitation Place), empty parks, empty everything, save for uber-fabulous eatery 360. This whole thing about Red Hook up-and-coming ? total propaganda." Might have disagreed?at least until we read today's Daily News report of a "broadband black hole" in the hood:

"There is absolutely no DSL available in Red Hook," said Phaedra Thomas of the Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corp. Business owners in the bustling waterfront area use either slow-as-molasses dialup service or costly T1 lines, she explained.

When available, Verizon's DSL service for businesses starts at $39.95 a month, while cable Internet costs about $110 a month.

Urgh! Other Brooklyn neighborhoods deemed "broadband black holes" in a report issued last week by think tank Urban Future: Sunset Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Navy Yard, East New York and DUMBO.
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