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Jelly Doughnut Phenomenon Sweeps Lower East Side

Brace yourself: the biggest issue of the day is jelly doughnuts. We're not talking Krispy Kreme (dude, so played) but rather a special crop of square jelly doughnuts made only this time of year by Doughnut Plant, a bakery deep on the Lower East Side. Charting the Doughnut Plant jelly doughnut meme:

1) Doughnut discussion begins on the Co-Op Village Message Board. Spammy is the first to report on this year's crop: "Daaaaaamn if it wasn't the best jelly donut I've ever had. And I don't like jelly donuts!"
2) LES blog declares, "Le jelly doughnut est arrive!"
3) Blogger A Test of Will treks to Doughnut Plant, snaps photograph seen here, counsels, "Eat them slowly, resist the urge to wolf 'em."
4) NYT Dining Section gets on the case today, pointing out that the Doughnut Plant owner "does not like jelly doughnuts with a big blob in the center. So he is making square ones with organic Italian jam in all four sides." Don't miss the photo.