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Street Bonuses Driving Ego Apartments

Elliman's ever-quotable downtown broker, Darren Sukenik, tells the Sun's Julie Satow that heady bonus money is seeping into the apartment market. Says Sukenik,

"Three weeks ago, the market was slugging along, but ever since Thanksgiving, apartments have been flying off the shelf. The Wall Street types, mostly single guys or young couples in their 30s, are buying luxury apartments that are not terribly practical in the $1.1 to $3 million range?I call them ego apartments."According to the article, an ego-fueled bidding war erupted for the penthouse at The Sedona (above) on West 19th Street. "One of the penthouses, which was asking $1.7 million, sold for over $2 million with five bids over ask, four of which came from single guys from Wall Street," Sukenik said. Hey, here's a 2BR at The Sedona for $1.495 million?do we hear $1.8m?
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