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Dumbo Wired To The Gills

Outraged by the mere suggestion that the trendy nabe of Dumbo is unwired, a Curbed source deep within Two Trees Management whispers:

55 Washington Street has four telecom and internet providers; 45 Main Street has three...there's fiber all over the building. We'll have four telephone in 45 Main next year. We have backup data for a financial firm in 55 and obviously, they're on broadband.

We're wired to the gills, here and I don't know why DUMBO was included in the Daily News article. We have verizon, eureka broadband, empire telecom and time warner cable/digital phone in the building. It's very good Internet.

In related neighborhood news, we were introduced to Dumbo kingmaker David Walentas last night. Nice Woman: "This is Lockhart Steele, of" DW: [blank stare]. Woman: "You know, the New York real estate weblog!" DW: "Uh... [fidgets]... don't know it." Yes, another Curbed coup, my friends. (Full disclosure: following uncomfortable intro, DW was as friendly as could be. Damn him!)