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The Grinch Who Stole CHARAS

In the spirit of the Christmas season, protesters fighting the MiniMegaDorm on Avenue B (rendering from East 9th, above) staged a pageant that we're truly sorry to have missed. Reports The Villager,

The demonstration included a skit of two costumed characters, performance artist David Leslie in a Rudy Giuliani mask with another activist in a Grinch mask, holding a gift-wrapped miniature old P.S. 64. It was under Mayor Giuliani in 1998 that the auction of the building occurred, with Singer buying it for $3.15 million. At the end of the event, Mendez wrested the mini former CHARAS away from the Grinch and Giuliani and returned to "the community," represented by Lopez.Anyone else think it's getting a little dusty in here?
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