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The New Face of Upper East Side Radicalism

Developers, gaze upon these eyes and quake. Teri Slater and Elizabeth Ashby (right) are the founders of the Defenders of the Historic Upper East Side. The group's stated goal? To function as a middle ground between existing preservation groups like Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts ("too timid and too rich") and an emerging "radical fringe" (don't ask). From what we can discern, these ladies are not to be fucked with. Proclaims Ashby, "We're here to protect the Upper East Side from bad ideas. We want you to be part of our army." Fresh recruit (and landscape architect) Michael Gotkin adds, "Everyone here is really dressed up. But this is about fighting."
· In a Kid-Glove Neighborhood, a Call for Clenched Fists [NYTimes]