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Predicting Manhattan's Next Hot Neighborhoods

A topic near and dear to Curbed's heart: where is Manhattan's next hot neighborhood going to be? NYC real estate trade mag The Real Deal checks in with residential property developers whose job it is to figure that out before the rest of us do. Their tricks: "expanding the coast" (finding where a hot neighborhood ends, then going up a block) and "pushing" (expanding into an undeveloped area between two hot neighborhoods). With that in mind, Bellmarc's Neil Binder says he has his eye on the following neighborhoods:

1) West Midtown (Eighth Ave. between 44th and 58th Sts.), helped in part by the proximity of the Time Warner Center
2) Northwest Chelsea (10th Ave. in the 20s and 30s), driven by planned High Line redevelopment
3) East Midtown (54th St. to 65th St.), thanks to the new Bloomberg Tower at Lex/58th St.
4) Financial District

Meantime, Jon McMillan, director of planning at Rockrose Development, likes the area south of Herald Square (Broadway between 23rd and 34th Sts.). "With the profusion of street vendors in the area, it?s like a 'third world bazaar' that exists in the center of Manhattan, says McMillan."
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