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Giant Hoists: the New Must-Have Luxury Accessory

Down on the waterfront at South Street Seaport (or, as Curbed would have it, Little Boston), near where that trippy stacked-box residential tower by Santiago Calatrava will rise one day, luxury is being, uh, cranked up a notch. At a new apartment building, "the interiors will reflect the neighborhood's seafaring history, while also offering some 21st-century luxury," the Post reports. "For example, top-floor apartments at 233 Front St. will feature the giant hoists sea merchants once used to lift dry goods to their warehouse attics." Giant hoists? Oh, man! Suddenly just having an elevator seems so... inadequate. Of the new apartments, developer Frank Sciame notes, "The key word is authentic. This is going to be an authentic, historic community." You know, authentic?like that authentic Hermes watch we scooped on the streets of Soho for $20.
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