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Dancing 'Neath the FDR

Following up on yesterday's news that the city has selected architects to craft a plan to remake the downtown East River shoreline, the Times' David Dunlap suggests one exciting possibility for the revamp: demolishing the FDR Drive. Hey, we could be talking about New York's very own Big Dig! Or, uh, not?for a demolition plan to work, they'll have to get it past City Planning director Amanda Burden, who seems to hold a particular fondness for the ol' roadway:

"It has fantastic proportions," she said, "in the sense that it is wide enough and tall enough that there can be great spaces under there." Ms. Burden wants the planning consultants "to really think creatively about how to populate the understructure all year round." She was bold enough to propose dance performances, by way of example.· Planners Consider a Riverfront Without FDR Drive [NYTimes]
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