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Open House Update: What's $50k Among Friends?

Yesterday's NYT story on open house madness mentions Darren Sukenik (right), an oft-quoted Douglas Elliman broker who, according to the article, entertained a crowd of 20 at an open house in Chelsea. (A choice excerpt: "Stoking the mood, [Sukenik] told the prospective buyers that three other apartments in the building had recently sold for more than their asking prices, thanks to multiple bids.") A Curbed reader offers some additional insight into Sukenik and the state of the Chelsea market:
I encountered DS at an Open House for 136 West 16th St. on March 28. At the time, the apartment was listed for $950k even though I had noticed a few weeks earlier it was on the market for $899k. When I asked about the increase in price, he said that when the apartment was first on the market, there was such a frenzy that it went to an accepted offer at near the $950k mark. Since that time, the contract had fallen through, but they now believed the market demanded the new price level. Hmmm. Anyway, weeks later I noticed the asking price was reduced back to $899k, and now it?s listed as having a signed contract.Meantime, we're taken by Darren's biography: "Seasoned, aggressive, trustworthy and honest; personable, upbeat, high energy, and humorous... Darren is different." Quick, where do we sign up?
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