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Craigslist Real Estate Update: Manhattan for $500

Last week, we trolled the high-rent district of Craigslist's real estate listings. This week, a new quest: can Curbed find a place to call home below 96th Street in Manhattan for $500 a month? Yes! We hit paydirt on the Upper East Side, where $500 gets a "small studio with sher bath and no kitchen." But we might be willing to fork over an extra $50 to "share the big room" with Joe Cooper, a 19-year-old theater major who's got the kind of moxie we look for in a roommate:

The kitchen is small, but you can work with it
The bathroom is a good size. I can't complain.
I am single, Hana is not... hmmm... we're both on
What a coincidence! We just deleted our Friendster account!
· $500 - 87th and second studio with no kitchen and sher bath [Craigslist]
· $550 / 3br - guy in three bedroom looking to share the big room [Craigslist]

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