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Alternate Visions for Downtown Manhattan

Closing out East River urban planning week, Curbed steps back in time for a moment to the heady days of late 2002. A week before announcing the finalists for the World Trade Center site, the city issued a report called "Vision for Lower Manhattan" that, among other ideas, contained schemes for East River development. One, by Peterson/Littenberg, envisioned a residential development sticking out into the river, with a bunch of museums. But Diller + Scofido, the architects of the current Lincoln Center revamping, had a zanier concept. To those content to hang some bunting off the FDR Drive and call it a day, we suggest casting your eyes at their proposal, floating park pulled by tugboat and all:

"View of an alternate East River park proposal, with sea-level ice-skating rink and hydroponic garden."
· Vision for Lower Manhattan [, PDF]

[inside: Peterson/Littenberg's slightly less trippy proposal]